bison14Today they have a herd of around 100 animals including cows, bulls, young calves, yearlings and 2 year-olds. Meat is sold year-round through the “Log Cabin Store” and at various retail stores.

The Bredthauer’s customer base has grown from curious samplers to loyal repeat customers who appreciate the quality and the health benefits of our meat.

In summary, the Bredthauer’s say this business has certainly not been a gold mine. But more important than the money, they started it as a family project. It has been a good learning experience for their children who have been a vital part of the work force. Their family has grown in number as well as size over the past 20 years. Daughters Brooke and Kelsey have grown up with the buffalo.

They now have grandchildren who recognize “bison” and will tell you what a bison says.

The business has not been all sunshine. There have been droughts, market swings, learning curves, and lots of hard work. But the Bredthauer’s see it as a way of using the resources God has given them and multiplying them for the good of the land, the environment, and for the health of other people. And best of all it’s a way of life they enjoy as a family and can share with others.


Why Grassfed Bison?

  • It's good for the animals.
  • It's good for the farmers.
  • It's good for the environment.
  • It's good for the consumer.
  • Lower in fat (and calories)
  • Lower in cholesterol
  • Higher in vitamins A & E

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