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Here’s the deal. You want clean, grass-fed, drug-free, GMO free meat at an affordable price. Here it is: Our bison are certified grass-fed by “A Greener World” which means the animals only eat grass or forage and they are managed according to the highest welfare standards. No corn, no soy, no genetically modified feeds, no processing or added ingredients. In addition our bison are kept healthy with apple cider vinegar in their water and do not require any vaccinations or antibiotics. A large part of the price of the meat is in marketing. You can help us keep those costs down by buying in bulk. Commit to buying an 85 lb. bundle; you can take it all at once or spread it out over up to 9 months. You get a combination of all the different kinds of steaks and roasts with some stew meat, brisket, short ribs and shanks (50 lb.) and 35 lb. of ground bison.

Total cost: $995. That’s $11.70/lb. or $2.95/4 oz. serving. It’s also a savings of over $160 from retail prices.

(If you decide to eat the whole 8 oz. ribeye at 1 meal you will be spending a whopping $5.90 for that exquisite experience.)

Save more: 2 bundles: $1800, 3 bundles: $2500

Don’t know how to cook bison? No need to worry, recipes and cooking tips will be included with each purchase.

Details: Bundle includes: 2 pkg. each of tenderloin fillet, ribeye, NY strip, top sirloin and sirloin tip steaks; 1 pkg. flank steak; 2 each of rump, arm, chuck, and sirloin tip roast; 4 lb. stew meat; 1 each of brisket, short ribs, and shanks; and 35 lb. ground bison. Weights of the steaks and roasts vary slightly but you will receive approx. 50 lb. of the steaks & roasts and 35 lb. ground bison; guaranteed at least 85 lb. total. With the order, tell us how many months you want this spread over. Two payments will be required with the order and 1st delivery, then 1 payment with each delivery, with the last delivery being free.

Example A: Order spread over 9 months, beginning in February. First payment will be $199, then 8 more payments & deliveries of $99.50. In this case the last delivery will be 2 boxes since delivery must be completed by October. (Each delivery will be 1 box of 8 – 9 lb.) Total payment: $995. Total weight: 85 lb.

Example B: If you want the order spread over 5 months, beginning in March, first payment will be $398; each delivery April through June will be $199. The last delivery in July will be free. Each delivery will include 16-18 lb. Total payment: $995, total weight: 85 lb.

No delivery charge on our regular routes, (Grand Island, Kearney, North Platte, and McCook); shipping available to other locations with regular shipping rates applied.

For more information or to place an order, email mail@straightarrowbison.com or call or text 308-870-4045.


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